Louder Than Words by Siryn Sueng

Derrek has been lusting after the rock star barista for long enough, he is going to make his move....
When he does he isn't ready for the open mouthed look of shock on the guys face.
It takes him a while to get the nerve back up to go in for coffee with a friend. What he sees when he does brings on a clarity as to what happened and he feels like a complete fool.
Alex can't speak, literally!!
When he sees Derrek come back in he is glad he might have another shot at him, if only he could get past the fact that he can only communicate by signing.
With the help of his friend, they set up a sort of date, He will help Derrek learn how to sign, maybe then they can move forward.
What follows is just lovely, soft sweet touches, innocent kisses and then so much more..
Derrek knows they are complete opposites but he wants Alex for himself and wont let anyone get in his way, even the new barista.
I loved this book, an older unsure guy, a young rockstar who wont let his lack of speech hold him back. They need one another and it's just a perfect match.
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x