Before You Break by K.C. Wells and Parker Williams

 5 stars


I already loved this book before I even read the first word. How could I not? Anything Collars and Cuffs related is always going to be a go to read for me. I suppose that puts a lot of pressure on my expectations and whether the authors could deliver a book in the new SECRETS series that lived up to the amazing legacy of COLLARS & CUFFS. Personally, I think they had a hard task ahead of them – did they rise to the challenge? Oh my gosh, yes they did!


The book begins with Eli and Jarod arriving in London preparing for the opening of their new BDSM club called Secrets. They took an existing club and renovated the hell out of it to create somewhere exclusive and classy and on opening night it looked like they succeeded. It was packed to the rafters with prospective and existing members and we leave that part of the story happy in the knowledge Jarod and Eli are living their dream.


Now it’s time to concentrate on Ellis and Wayne. They are both police officers on the Special Arms unit and have worked closely together for many years, in fact they are best friends. Wayne is gay and out but in his private life he is also a Dom. No one at work knows, not even Ellis. It Is assumed Ellis is not gay as he seems to attract women wherever he goes. Wayne notices that Ellis has not been himself lately and we discover Ellis has been struggling with many issues in his home life to do with family responsibility. This is now affecting his ability to perform well at this job and when he eventually loses it and gets suspended, Wayne realises it’s time to exert his Dom persona and take his friend in hand.


The story blooms from this point onwards as we join Ellis and Wayne in their evolving relationship which inevitably and gloriously embraces all aspects of BDSM and gay sex.


This is not a gay for you story as you might think initially. It’s a journey of discovery that is beautifully and sensitively told. It’s about two men falling in love and learning what makes them both happy. It’s about protectiveness and support and tenderness – not typically associated with BDSM granted, but oh Wayne cherishes his boy and the ways he makes him happy are beautiful.


Wayne and Ellis face many challenges both physical and emotional, yet they have incredible support from their work colleagues and their new friends Eli and Jarod. It was a lovely, heart-warming read, but do not be lulled into thinking KC and Parker have gone too slushy, oh no – the sex scenes was scorching hot and exciting and original. This book had all the feels… and I do mean ALL the feels! Can’t wait for the next one in the SECRETS series…