Believe In The Wish by Christi Snow

When your'e dealing with unimaginable grief, the last thing you need is to be sent on a quest of sorts.
For Ethan, losing his twin sister Emma had been almost too painful to deal with. She hadn't just been his other half, they lived together, set up their business together and were the only family they had.
Her short life had been filled with her own kind of loss, when her boyfriend Hawk had found out about her illness, he left her to cope on her own. Until now that is....
For some twisted reason, Emma had decided that Ethan needed help and her will consisted of a list of quests that needed to be fulfilled or he would lose everything.
It was done out of love, to stop him from losing himself in the bottom of another empty bottle, the trouble was he liked it there.
Even more so when he found out that Hawk was to be the one to accompany him on all these tasks.
The story that develops from there is painful for both men in many ways. They are both hurting and secrets that should never have been kept are revealed and it changes everything.
This book is filled with grief, self discovery, lots of love and finally acceptance.
I loved it!!
4.5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x