Equality (Dublin Virtues #2) by Helena Stone

While fighting to win the right for marriage equality in Ireland, Lorcan faces losing the man he loves.
Having had it drummed in to him at a young age that the Church is right and being gay is wrong, Lorcan had kept any boyfriends to himself. Not that he had really bothered, he was better off alone.
When he shares one kiss with Eric before he leaves on a work trip, he spends three months wondering if he could actually do it!!
When Eric returns they embark on a journey together to try and overcome an impossible family, leaving him free to love who he wants. The campaign is the one thing though that might break them, after all when you put all your efforts in to one thing, are you left with room for anything else....
I can't even begin to imagine growing up in a family where you would be cast out for who you choose to love, then having to fight for the right to stand up and show the world.
This book was beautifully written, the two men both strong willed and dependable and a HEA. What more could you want?
4 out of 5 stars. 
Sue x