Screwing the System by Josephine Myles

What happens when you get a confident, work shy musician and a self made man who likes control.
A damn good book, that's what!!
Cosmo tries his best every time to fail interviews and keep his benefits so he can concentrate on the important things in his life, writing songs and singing them.
Alasdair has built his company up with hard work and likes being at the top.
When the two come together, Cosmo's cocky attitude is one that Alasdair would love to tame and the two embark upon a relationship that neither of them expected.
Cosmo doesn't bow to anyone, or so he thought. When Alasdair starts to give him orders however, the hardness in his pants tell a different story. As much as he tries to push the limits and stay in control, it just isn't going to wash...
Alasdair has been hurt before and when Cosmo starts to push it, he faces going too far and losing the man he can see him spending his life with.
The book is a strange push and pull between the two men with both wanting their own kind of control and trying to find the right balance.
Add in a band member who wants to take over and a straight best friend who wants to save Cosmo from what he thinks is abuse and the book is just brilliant.
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x