Maelstrom by Kass Barrow

This book was perfect....
An older, set in his ways rich man with a need to get what he wants and a  young, free spirited musician who is happy to bare his wares for the world to see.
Kylor part owned a nightclub and was on the lookout for new talent. At an open mike night he spots Eden and he wants him in every way.
When he loses sight of him he enlists the help of a friend to find him and when he does he is shocked to see the gorgeous boy shaking his booty for a very attentive audience.
The deal he offers him is to give it up and look to the future, music is where he needs to focus.
What Eden wants though is Kylor and when his plan to get the older man doesn't pay off he leaves to start up a new life elsewhere.
Little does he realise that what Kylor wants, he usually gets and when they finally meet up again, neither of them want to let go.
I loved the dynamic between the two and the push and pull of trying to find a balance that would keep them both happy.
4 out of 5 stars. 
Sue x