The Perils of Intimacy by Rick R Reed

When you think your'e meeting someone for the first time and the attraction is there straight away, you can't work out why but they seem familiar.
This happens to a lot of people but not all of us are hiding secrets like Jimmy that could ruin a potential relationship before it has a chance to start.
He wasn't always the clean cut boy that Mark sees before him, young and good looking. He had in fact been a junkie who used hook ups to prey on innocent men, get in to their homes and steal whatever he could for his next fix.Not exactly the way he would be introducing himself.
He didn't look anything like that hopeless, drugged up criminal anymore.
Mark was older, insecure about himself and was just happy that this young man wanted to see him, little did he know that he was the reason he was now wary of meeting up with strangers.
The trouble with secrets is, they often come back to haunt you, just when you think you might have finally turned your life around...
Sometimes the guilt eats away at you and the revelation can end everything.
Jimmy just has to hope that Mark has fallen in love with the man he has become and that the love will be enough to let him see past the hatred for the waste of space he used to be.
I love a good story of redemption and forgiveness, throw in a hot older man and you have me hooked every time.
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x