Road to the Sun by Keira Andrews

 5 stars


What a sweet and wonderful book.


Keira Andrews is such a fantastic story teller I was enthralled from the first page to the last. Jason and Maggie are just the most adorable pair and bring joy and angst and humour to the book all the way through. Ben is 41, sexy and dominant and so deserving of a happy ever after you feel yourself rooting for him right from the get go.


Jason is a 25 year old single dad to 8 year old Maggie. She has a passion for the outdoors and nature so Jason takes them on a well-earned vacation out of Philly to a national park in Montana where they camp in the wilderness under the stars. Maggie is excited beyond belief to be there and makes her Dad take them on trail hikes where they meet Park Ranger Ben. Jason and Ben immediately hit it off but Jason has spent the last 8 years raising his daughter to the exclusion if everything else and doesn’t even realise he’s gay.


Dramatic events conspire to thrust Ben and Jason and Maggie together where they form a fast and unique bond that is put to the test many times over the ensuing week. When Jason realises his true feelings for Ben and they share an intimate night together, it’s all a bit too overwhelming and Jason flees back to Philadelphia with Maggie to repair broken family ties and try to forget about Ben. Ben is devastated and finally decided it’s time to take charge of his life and make some huge changes.


I found myself waiting with bated breath to discover what lay in store for the 3 characters and how the many challenges they faced played out. It was a truly compelling and well told story and I loved every single word. Oh, and it was deliciously sexy too!