Urgent Care (Hearts and Health #3) by D J Jamison

A really lovely follow up to the first two books in the series.
This time it's Xavier's story. 
We got a glimpse of his hidden pain in the last book when Paul, a doctor started dating his friend. He tried everything to warn him off, that doctors would only use them up and leave them for their careers. In this book we find out this is exactly what happened to him.
The love of his young life, the man he thought was his future, had abandoned him and left to become a surgeon.
Xavier couldn't blaim Trent really, it was what they had planned. Their future was to be great together, to go and study and become the best doctors they could.
Xavier however had responsibilities at home, a sister with kids and a grandmother who needed him. What also didin't help was his lack of money, something that Trent wouldn't understand.
Trent had been devastated and did the only thing he could to stop the pain, completely cut Xavier from his life and move on.
When a friend of his commits suicide he realises that there is more to life than surgery and heads home to see if Xavier will forgive him. He had never forgotten his first love and wanted him to be his last as well.
This book gives us a lot of heartbreak, quite a bit of angst and a few laughs along the way. Both men are trying to recover from a hurt that has been with them for years and their pain shows on the pages.
I loved this book and can't wait for number 4.
4.5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x