Narrow Margins by JJ. Harper

Well this book was hot!!
Gorgeous, womanising biker boy meets wounded war veteran....
Griff was well known on the circuit for how many women he had been with but they never meant anything, when he meets Corrie after a race he soon starts to realise why.
This was who he had been waiting for, didn't matter to him that Corrie was a man, you want who you want!!
When their perfect night is over and they exchange numbers, neither of them knew the horror that was waiting for Griff. Accused of rape by a pit bunny, his career and life as he knows it is over.
His lawyer knows he has an alibi but he refuses to drag Corrie into his mess and when Corrie offers he blocks his number.
Months later when a chance meeting forces the two men back together, the spark is still there and they can't help but be drawn to one another again.Griff knows what he wants but can Corrie trust a man that has only had one gay lover to change his whole world for him, only time will tell...
Quite simply I want more.I loved their story. The big, powerful Corrie, a man that has faced the enemy becomes shy and uncertain as to why such a good looking man as Griff would want him. Then you have Griff, fighting with everything he has to convince Corrie that he is the only man for him.
Just fabulous....
4.5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x