Hunter's Hope (The Avanti Chronicles #9) by Hannah Walker

With every new book in this series I fall a little bit more in love with the Avanti.
You wouldn't think that the lives and loves of 6 men could have you so drawn in that you never want to leave but these warriors now feel like family and I love how the author has managed to do that.
Every new book that is released, I think that I have found my favourite couple but then I think back to the other stories and I just can't choose.
In Hunter's book I got to a stage where I was so invested, it was like I could get on a Refrinti and go and save him myself. I actually want to be part of their clan.
When Chase is injured, Hunter doesn't wait for the rest of the Avanti, he knows his duty and when he is captured, Tir is beside himself.
He has had feelings for Hunter for a while but would never admit to it and now he hopes it isn't too late. He does everything in his power to get his love back.
While being held captive and during the book, we meet old and new friends that just add to the story. Every bit of the planet and the way the characters are described lets you actually see it.
When the Avanti are all standing side by side it's like nothing you will have ever read before. The power that they have as a team and the family that has been created by them crashing on this planet is just awe inspiring.
I guess you may be able to tell that I absolutely love this series.
Yet again 5 out of 5 stars.
Sue xx