Choices and Changes by T.M. Smith

Another lovely installment of the All Cocks Series.
We have changed tack slightly here and are with a parent of one of the gang.
Dean had been married for years but now it's over and he is trying to move on, this however means moving in with his son Dusty, one of the All Cocks stars.
This also means that he becomes part of the gang, getting himself an extended family in to the bargain.
Still being extremely close with his ex wife is also a bonus.
When a doctor friend of the group is called in, the attraction between Dean and Adam is instant. They start up a pretty hot relationship from the off, both men wanting something more from their lives.
Adam had lost the love of his life and was ready to try and move on, say goodbye to old ghosts and start to live again and Dean seemed to be the one to help him.
As much as I loved this book it wasn't quite as good as the rest of the series, even though the other guys were all in it.
I think for me personally I love the dynamics between the porn stars and seeing how they cope with that type of job in a relationship and this book didn't have that.
What it did have was a storyline that was at times extremely painful to imagine and a happily ever after which I loved.
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x