Ballsy by Sean Ashcroft

When Sam had left the man he loved behind years ago he thought he would be able to move on. Ben was scared to admit to who he was, afraid to let the world see his feelings for Sam but when he left he never got over it.
Ten years later and Sam is back, broken and alone he wants to know if his best friend will let him back in.
For Ben, seeing Sam again makes him realise just what a fool he was to let him go.
When he takes Sam with him as a fake partner for an undercover article, they finally get to explore the feelings that had never gone away.
Will Ben be able to see past the scars that Sam now has? Can Sam live with being a secret if it means he gets a chance of a life with Ben?
This book is filled with uncertainties, tender moments and a fabulous storyline.
A fantastic follow up to Cocky....
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x