Lace by K.C. Wells

A wonderful short, very hot and sexy little novella from K.C. Wells.
She hits the spot every time with her books and this was no exception.
You have two men, Shawn and friends for years, one gay and one who has just split up with his girlfriend.
Shawn has loved Dave for years and when he finds out he is bisexual, he hopes and dreams for more.
One thing might stand in their way though, Dave has just found out about Shawn's love for wearing womens underwear.
Let's just say that this isn't a problem....
What follows is an intense coming together with lots of pent up feelings being released and one insecurity morphing in to another.
The way the author describes Shawn's feelings when he puts on the clothes is spot on. The worry and feelings of guilt and sometimes shame at being caught are exactly right.
Can't wait for Satin which will be the next book, just hope it's a longer one as I wanted this one to go on and on.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x