Before You Break by K.C. Wells and Parker Williams

I have been waiting for this to come out and was so excited when it landed on my kindle.
Let me start by saying, it was worth the wait!!
Following on from the fabulous Collars and Cuffs series we have Secrets. Two of the main characters from the last series have branched off and now own their own club, Secrets...
I loved Eli and Jarod so am very happy we get more of them.
This book however mainly focused on Wayne and his best friend Ellis. Working side by side for years, Wayne had tried hard to hide his feelings and now that Ellis seemed to be falling apart it was getting hard to hold back.
He knew his friend needed someone to step in and take control and he was just the Dom for the job, if only he knew how to broach the subject...
Ellis had been downtrodden all of his life by his overbearing parents who were quite happy for him to take full responsibility for his sister's mistakes and also her children. Stepping up and helping though was finally getting him to breaking point.
This book is all about the realisation that occurs when Wayne reveals exactly how he can help and Ellis giving up control for once.
An amazing start to the series with two wonderful characters, both powerful in their own ways but with both of them having a vulnerable side which comes out in full force as the story progresses.
Can't wait to see what Secrets has in store next...
5 out of 5 stars. 
Sue x