Alone for Christmas by Ashley John – 5 stars
Oh how I loved this book! It was such an uplifting tale for the time of year. Not too cheesy and packed full of Christmas cheer, lots of spirit and ample enough sexy times! 
Noah works at a publishing house and has been harbouring a crush on his sexy boss Chip for years. Poor Chip is presently going through his third divorce and Noah suspects that he is camping out in his office having been thrown out of the house by his soon to be ex wife. In the mean time events conspire to thrust Noah onto Chip’s radar and they end up leaving a staff party together when Noah suffers a fall banging his head. Chip gives Noah and lift home and accepts his invitation for a coffee and the inevitable happens. Seems the reason Chip’s three marriages failed is due to the fact his wives were missing a vital piece of anatomy that Chip has finally admitted to having a predilection for. After Chip leaves the following morning, Noah suspects things will be awkward in the office after their one night stand. But, Christmas is coming and when Noah discovers Chip will be spending it alone at the office he plucks up the courage to turn up on Christmas Eve and gate crash his pity party. 
Will Chip let Noah in? How will Christmas pan out for these two lonely men? To tell you anymore would be to ‘spoil’ it for you, but suffice it say the rest of the story is amusing, engaging, heart wrenching and hot! Fab seasonal offering from Ashly John – highly recommended.