HANUKKAH GIFTS by Jacob Cheyenne

4 stars

A seasonal story with a difference. This one is about the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah and centres around Jared who is out and proud and living a secular lifestyle. One day he is at the local Jewish community centre and hears a basketball game going on. The prospect of half dressed sweaty men being all macho and sporty piques Jared's interest and one tall, gorgeous player in particular makes it worth his while. Shai is orthodox and follows a traditional religious lifestyle under the watchful eye of his family. He works for his uncle and is betrothed to a girl his parents have chosen, but then he meets Jared and Shai begins to acknowledge long buried feelings and desires. 
During the week of Hanukkah Jared and Shai strike up a friendship with both of them knowing where it could lead. But can Jared even contemplate seducing a strictly orthodox closeted man and will Shai ever find the courage to follow his heart. 
Jewish or not, readers will fall in love with these two boys who deserve a chance at happiness. This was a light easy read. Very enjoyable, interesting and romantic. A great debut novella from a promising new author and I am intrigued to see what Jacob Cheyenne delights us with next.