Filthy Little Secret by Devon McCormack – 5 bright shiny stars


Timmy and Mark are unlikely f@@k buddies but that’s their intention. A no feelings just pure sex arrangement that perfectly suited their lives at that moment. Timmy was the local Uni drug dealer and Mark was a student whose Mom also happened to be Governor of the state. Timmy thinks Mark is a spoilt brat living off his parents’ wealth spending his time flitting from one rich kid hook up to the next. Mark thinks Timmy is a brash good for nothing except f@@king low life. All they want from each other is sex. And, oh my gosh the sex! It’s hard, fast, dirty and so, so hot! They are both dirty boys with hidden fantasies and lots and lots of chemistry. But inevitably things get messy. They both carry a lot of baggage and as they start to spend more time together much to the disdain and suspicion of those around them, their complicated relationship flourishes against a backdrop of problematic situations. But could they have a future despite being poles apart in background and social standing….


I couldn’t read this book fast enough. I practically devoured it in my haste to find out if Timmy and Mark even stood a chance. Having said that, I made sure not to skip a word. Devon McCormack has a very compelling style of writing. He doesn’t hold back on the graphic detail and at times it made me feel a little bit voyeuristic. (Ironic really – read the story and you’ll understand.) The interaction between the cast of characters is realistic and honest and at times angsty and heart wrenching. Sensitive subject matters are handled with proper due care yet there is a filthy feel to it too which is utterly thrilling. This was a very naughty book but with a strong storyline. I was totally absorbed by it and I loved it, by the end I needed to catch my breath and light up a ciggie! Cannot wait for Devon’s next book as he is fast becoming one of my favourite ‘go to’ authors.