Bond of Truth by KC Wells – 5 stars

This was an easy 5 stars for me to bestow on one of my ‘go to’ authors. KC Wells has a vivid imagination and writing fantasy gives her the opportunity to take her story telling to an entirely different place than we are used to. She has created an entire existence with people and places and language and customs which I have found captivating and thoroughly amazing. I never thought I’d enjoy this sub genre of MM but I absolutely adored the first book Bond of Three and this follow up has exceeded my expectations.

The original 3 men have settled into life together and for 20 years have lived peacefully and wonderfully in a prosperous and tolerant land. King Tanish rules wisely using his husbands Sorran and Feyar as his counsel. Their son Arrio is now 21 and looking for love. He also prefers men and when he meets Dainon, a warrior from another country on a mission for his King, Arrio knows this man features in his destiny. However, a third man enters the picture. Kei is Sorran’s brother and Arrio’s uncle although he is only 20. They are not related by blood as Arrios was adopted which proves fortuitous and their attraction towards another is anything but familial. Dainon and Kei also find each other irresistible and they discover that the 3 of them hold a mutual desire for one another.

The path to true love never runs smooth and this tale is full of emotional and physical obstacles. We are told from the start that their destiny lies with each other, however, some of the thigs they have to overcome appear insurmountable.

I loved the slightly whimsical language that sets the scene perfectly and creates the right atmosphere for the fairy tale like quality of the story. This is not the same KC Wells we hear in her more contemporary stories and it is testament to her skill as a writer that this story is as believable as all her others – or at least the sentiment behind it. Throughout I experienced feelings of joy, elation, disappointment, angst, fear, sorrow and wonder. The underlying reassurance though was the very apparent abundance of love that emanated from all the main characters.

Good plot; great characters; vivid descriptions, and enough sexy bits to keep me very happy. I really hope there’s another one in this series to come.