The Road to Frosty Hollow by RJ Scott and Meredith Russell

When a former Marine and his sister's best friend take a three week road trip home together for her wedding, who knows what will happen....

Nick had served his country and was ready to restart his life, trouble is he didn't know what he was going to do.

Heading home for his sister's upcoming wedding was a start and the trip would help clear his head. Or it would if he wasn't going to be sharing the drive with Cameron.

Cameron had survived teenage cancer and was determined to make the most out of his life. He had been with men and had boyfriends but nothing compared to the ten year old memory of the kiss with the one boy he never thought he could have, just his luck he was now stuck in a car with him.

Throughout the journey both men discover things about themselves and each other.

Nick is weary, tired of everything and wants peace, Cameron just wants to live.

They have a full itinerary of adventures set up for them by a seemingly meddling matchmaker and they both realise that maybe old feelings never quite went away.

This book is a journey, two men finally finding a place in the world where they can be happy.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x