This is a lovely series, packed full of twists, intrigue, family drama and a healthy dose of passion as well.

A beautiful setting of a small town and a sprawling ranch.

Throw in two gorgeous men and you just can't go wrong.

Evan works at the bank, single and bored he daydreams about being swept of his feet by a handsome stranger.

These dreams soon take on a face when he learns that Jacob Sanders is on his way in to oversee the appraisal of a family heirloom, the Blue Moon diamond.

When the two set eyes on each other sparks fly.

Jacob knows what he wants as soon as he sees it and the beautiful bank clerk fits the bill.

Getting Evan to come with him to the ranch when he takes the diamond home for his grandfather to see is a stroke of genius. Once there he knows he can turn on the charm and make Evan fall in love with him.

Not that much charm is needed, Evan is already dreaming of a future with Jacob.

When the diamond is stolen, things start to get a bit complicated and we follow the men on their quest to solve the case.

Throw in a cheating husband, a seemingly gold digging younger wife and a town overrun with would be diamond thieves and it makes for a story with lots of suprises.

Book two sees Evan and Jacob trying to start a normal relationship but there is more scandal and treachery going on.

It honestly kept me up until the small hours as I couldn't wait for the mysteries to be solved.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x