Ash and Cinders by Rodd Clark

So we come to the end of the road in the story of Gabriel and Christian and I, for one am devastated.

If it was ever possible to fall in love with a serial killer, for me it would be Gabriel Church.

I'm not sure what it is about him but he draws you in and makes you love him.

This whole series has been a powerful journey for him and Christian, the author who decides to try and get inside his head and write his story.

What started out as a job turned in to an all powerful love story of revelations, acceptance, forgiveness and hope for a future.

We know Gabriel's back story, the hurt he suffered, his useless excuse for a mother, his need to kill what he says are the chosen ones.

Finally though, with Christian by his side he realises that he might actually want an ending for his life different to the one he imagined he would have.

The pain that both men are put through in this book is too much, both physical and mental.

The separation that Gabriel forces them to endure for what he percieves to be Christian's safety is almost too much for the author. he doesn't actually think he can go on without him.

Gabriel in the end comes to the same conclusion....

Will it be too late for both of them or will Gabriel finally find some sort of peace? Will Christian manage to make him stay in one place for long enough so they can make it work?

I'm not sure how I thought this book would end but the author gave me a conclusion I could live with!! Was it the right one? You will have to live their story with them and find out for yourselves.....

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x