TOO CLOSE by R Phoenix

When your mother abandons you, there is no other choice but to do whatever you have to to make sure your little sister is taken care of....

That's what Skylar thought anyway, which is why he sold himself for sex.

Now in a relationship with the first man to buy his services, he is looked after, spoiled, living in a lovely house with his sister and abused verbally and physically whenever Tate thinks he has done something wrong.

He knows he should get out but while his sister has a roof over her head he is staying put.

Evie is failing at school so when Skylar is called in and meets her tutor, never did he think his life would be changing.

Dexter is having a hard job keeping his thoughts under control, he shouldn't be thinking about his student's 18 year old brother in such a way. And he knows Skylar is 18, he checked!!!

Soon realising Skylar isn't happy he trys to get either sibling to talk and when he realises the truth he knows he has to help.

What follows is sometimes harrowing view of abuse and shows us that sometimes you need someone who really loves you to help you escape.

This is a powerful book that deals with a serious issue in a very understanding way. We see the abuser and the way he plays his victim, making him reliant and submissive. We see the abused fighting with the love his tormentor sometimes professes and not understanding the change that comes over him.

The characters all played a perfect part in this story and I think the author has written a brilliant book.

5 out of 5 stars.

 Sue x