Alpha Barman by Sue Brown

Alpha Barman (J.T's Bar Book 1) by Sue Brown – 5 stars

Who doesn’t love an alpha!


In this first book of the series, Sue brown introduces us to a hefty dose of Alpha men, one of which owns his own bar. Jake Tyler used to be part of a covert ops team until he came home one day to discover his brother-in-law standing with a knife dripping with blood over his dead sister. Riley, Jake’s best friend and colleague is put away for the murder and Jake escapes to Wyoming leaving his team and his team leader Mitch, who is also Jake’s partner, behind him. There is a lot of history there and the author builds a solid background to the events that conspire to bring the team together again. Jake and his friend Howie bought a bar and one day Mitch and the team rock up to JT’s with the news that Riley has escaped from jail and is coming for Jake.


Jake now has to deal with so many things that he’d neglected when he’d walked out on his old life. His mad love for Mitch; the betrayal by his best friend Riley, and the fact he is still grieving for his little sister. Now he has put his friends and bar patrons in danger and that weighs heavily on him too.


This is a great story. It is gripping throughout and at times thrilling and tense. It also has all the elements of MM romance that I love. Lots of testosterone and urgent sex but also elements of sensitivity and vulnerability that make you fall in love with even the toughest of characters. Jake is sweet, but Mitch is the sexy one and he’s the Alpha that set my pulse racing. The supporting cast of characters were also great and very relevant to the story. There was a lot of humour accompanying the heart wrenching stuff and plenty of rough stuff both verbal and physical. I enjoyed the easy writing style and attention to detail and the storyline flowed properly making this a real page turner.


Sue Brown has created a wonderful group of interesting characters and has left me wanting more. I am really looking forward to further books in this series. (Especially if Mitch pops up in them. Frequently…)