Bullet by Garrett Leigh

I love a promising start to a new series and this book gave me that.

When a veteran porn star finds himself having to change the way he does things, he has no choice, after all he only took the job to support his alcoholic, waste of space mother.

Agreeing to a 3 way where he will have to bottom isn't his idea of fun, he is a top with a reputation, plain and simple...

When he finds out who his co-stars will be he has a moment of sheer panic on one hand, utter disgust on the other.

The top who will claim his hole is big, in a seriously eye watering way and the twink in the scene is someone he can't stand the sight of.

Little does he know the feeling is mutual....

Sonny is a dancer who adds in a bit of porn to top up the income.

He knows all about Levi, the top who doesn't care about what pain he might be causing as long as it looks good for the camera.

For some reason though he decides that if the scene is going to look real, he needs to coach Levi on how to make it less painful when he bottoms for the first time.

What follows is a sometimes funny, sometimes sad and painful story. I really warmed to both main characters and am looking forward to seeing the series develop.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x