Saving Jason by KC Wells – 4 stars
What an absolutely delightful Christmas story from the wonderful KC Wells. So perfect for the season.
Jason owns a coffee shop frequented daily by David. David notices Jason regularly hands out free coffee and cakes to the same small group of homeless men which intrigues him because his boss at the Wall Street law firm where they work,  has just charged him with sourcing a Homeless Shelter for their company to sponsor - all in the name of great PR. David gets to know Jason a little bit when he accompanies him to volunteer at a soup kitchen and he likes him very much. Jason is just David’s type, older and very sexy but he’s not sure if he’s gay. As they become good friends, David discovers Jason is gay and this was the cause of his acrimonious divorce several years earlier, yet he hasn’t explored his sexuality due to lack of confidence and not finding the right man. David wants to be that man and this is the story of how they go from friends to lovers and what happens in between. 
New York at Christmas time is one of the most romantic places in the world spent with the right person, and KC Wells conjures up the atmosphere perfectly so that you feel like you’re there with David and Jason as they experience the city and all it has to offer. The book is filled with so much Christmassy stuff it made me reach for my mulled wine and mince pies just to get in the spirit, but ultimately it’s a sweet, feel good story full of hope and joy and good tidings. Really enjoyed it.