LIMITS by Tantalus

Limits by Tantalus - 5 stars


This series by Tantalus continues to get better and sexier with each book. Limits is the fourth book and we get to see how Pete and Damon have progressed in their tentative relationship. Damon really has a chance to act out his Dom tendencies with Pete at the Folsom Fair, but we are treated with a visit to a sex shop first where Damon bumps into a friend. This ‘friend’ sounds familiar to Pete who isn’t permitted to raise his eyes to look at him and when he finds out who it is he can’t believe it. That scene was very much appreciated by this particular reader and had me fanning myself with the many wonderful images conjured up by Tantalus’s vivid descriptions.


And so on to the fair which Tantalus describes as seen through Pete’s eyes and it’s wonderful and exciting and oh so sexy when Damon gets his ‘boy’ to step right out of his comfort zone and pleasure him in public. Hot, hot, HOT!!!


Pete and Damon are on track to move their relationship up to the next level and I was braced for their next scene when a specific set of events occur at the end of the book leaving me wondering whether there is any chance for them at all…


So many feels with this latest offering from Tantalus. Essentially though it is the erotic theme that has me hooked and panting for more… (yes, panting, it’s that good!)