Analog to Digital by Posy Roberts

Analog to Digital by Posy Roberts – 5 stars


Get your tissues at the ready! This was the cutest and most wonderful short story from a new to me author Posy Roberts. Ethan, Creative Designer and Toby, Antiques Restorer are in a committed relationship with no need to tie the knot to make things official. Apparently. However, Ethan harbours secret yearnings to be Toby’s husband even though he knows it’s never going to happen. Toby surprises Ethan with t a trip home to Minnesota to spend Xmas with Ethan’s family and to celebrate Ethan’s sister and husband re-taking their marriage vows. All of this make Ethan a grumpy sour puss until Toby does something so unexpected and completely out of character, it makes the trip all worthwhile.


Ethan and Toby and an adorable couple. They are two strong sexy individuals with very distinct personalities and images, however they are compatible and nowhere more so than in bed. I enjoyed their dynamic and the storyline was strong and absorbing. I particularly like the author’s easy but intelligent writing style.


This was a perfect Xmas story with all the ingredients that go into making me go ‘awww!’. There is a healthy dose of angst, lust, humour and suspense and I thoroughly loved every page. I read this over breakfast one morning (made me late for work!) and it left me feeling happy for the rest of the day. I’m so excited to read more of Posy Robert’s work now I’ve discovered her. Highly recommend.