From Top to Bottom by Kevin Klehr

From Top to Bottom by Kevin Klehr – 3.5 stars

Tony is a 29 year old gay man looking to have as much sex as possible before he even thinks of settling down. During a conversation with his father, who is surprisingly open minded, his father suggests that Tony needs to ‘bottom’ to fulfil his sexual experiences and this book explores the many ways Tony sets about taking his father’s advice.

We meet a few regular characters along the way, not least of all Butch and Ford who are also ‘tops’ wanting to switch to try the experience. Tony also goes to saunas and orgies and generally enjoys men in all their glorious masculinity.

This book is not a romance so those looking for the formulaic boy meets boy, falls in love and lives HEA won’t find it here. This is a gritty, filthy poetic depiction of a slutty, sexy man who enjoys life to the fullest. It was definitely a turn on and quite rude and raw in places which I enjoyed.