Point Shot Trilogy by V.L. Locey

 5 stars

The great thing about being a blog reviewer is that I get to read books by authors I have never heard of before or topics I might not have considered. When the Point Shot Trilogy landed on my Kindle I may have groaned a little due to it being a book about Ice Hockey but it only took the first page to have me utterly absorbed to the very end. I couldn’t read these three books fast enough and was totally addicted.


The story is about Victor Kalinski. He is a rising star on the ice yet his loud mouth, loose fists and heavy emotional baggage have gotten him kicked out of the A team and into the lesser known B team of the Boston Barracudas. Kalinski is not used to small towns and underperforming team mates which sours his mood even further and makes him into an absolute nightmare to work with. The coach and team are exasperated by him and it seems as if nothing will curtail Kalinski’s caustic tongue until he encounters Dan Arou. Dan is everything Kalinski is not; polite, friendly, well-liked, short. He comes from a nice back ground and the only issue he has is that he is gay but still closeted. Victor Kalinski is loudly bi-sexual and doesn’t do relationships thanks to his alcoholic mother who has ruined him for life. Or so he thinks.


Dan Arou is like a tonic to Victor’s battered soul, and this is the story of their love set against the background of Ice Hockey. I absolutely adored Victor with his sarcastic manner and lewd and offensive comments fired out at will. He shows no mercy and is full on in everything he does. When that explosive personality is focussed on Dan Arou the story blossoms into a very hot romance that is explicit and sexy and angsty, and at times absolutely hilarious. Hockey is a violent game and the characters in this book have the personalities to match. It’s a wild and rocky ride made even more so by the possibility of impeding fatherhood for Victor and how that impacts on his relationship with Arou.  


V.L. Jocey must have been a male, gay hockey player in a former life because this book is written from Victor Kalinski’s point of view and it is totally believable. He has such a strong voice and is consistent in his behaviour and personality, showing no mercy even when you want him to. I love Victor; absolutely love him.


I highly recommend the Point Shot Trilogy for a hard and fast read – it’s raw and hot and fabulous.