Patience by Helena Stone

Work wise, Xander is a success. His love life however is a different matter!
For some reason he has gone from wanting a relationship to settling for one night stands and bathroom hook ups and his friend Eric isn't happy.
Faced with a bet that he can't stop himself from sleeping with men for a month he takes the drastic measure of getting a patience symbol tattooed on his hand.
Troy has all but given up on love. Left in the lurch by a friend who he thought could have been a boyfriend,he is faced with a very real struggle of keeping his tattoo shop afloat with just himself to pay the bills.
Shane had shared his dream but when it became a reality he did a runner to Florida.
When the two men meet, there is a recognition there and although Xander can't place him, Troy knows exactly who he is and although he wants to hate him, he finds himself attracted to him instead.
With both men hiding secrets, is this a relationship doomed from the start?
Xander is on a months bet and Troy sees the face of the man who hurt him every time he looks at Xander.
When their mutual past comes back to pay a visit, things could end faster than they started.
A good book and a great start to a new series, looking forward to the rest.
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x