Exposed by Bey Deckard

So I went in to this book, having not read any of this authors work before. I have had a friend moaning at me for ages to read them all because she loves them.
Let me just say, after this they have all moved to the top of my very long list.
I love a romance as much as the next person but more than anything I love the dark, the deviant and the downright dirty.
This book was just perfect....
Greg is middle aged, world weary and hiding himself away from everyone because of a mistake in his past that won't let go of his mind. Emyr is a rockstar but not your typical kind, he is not confident at all and longs to go back to being unknown for the sake of his sanity.
When the two of them meet, they discover a need in each other that they can both satisfy. Emyr wants a saviour of sorts, someone to teach him the ways of the world and to look after him. Greg wants someone to explore his darker kinks with and Emyr seems to be the one that will bring him back to life.
When Emyr started to call Greg Daddy while they were playing, I must admit, the book just got so much more interesting. The age gap between the two men is enough that it makes it seriously kinky!!
The whole story was just fantastic and the way the secrets from Greg's past weren't enough to stop Emyr from getting and ultimately saving his man were just so well written it kept me hooked from the first till the last word.
5 out of 5 stars. 
Sue x