The Warehouse by Jason Collins

Is it possible to turn a straight man?
When Nicholas sees one he likes he's going to give it a damn good try...
Working at the Warehouse is just the sort of job Nicholas loves, he gets to dance on the bar, strut his stuff, make some amazing money and get a few good blow jobs at the same time.
He has a nice circle of friends there and they all know he has the best body, in every way, and he gets the most attention from the customers. Sadly some of it's unwanted but when a hen party comes in, a rather tall, built man catches his eye.
Clint isn't happy he's been dragged along with his annoying girlfriend to a pretend hen party. The only thing that's making it more bearable is the dancer on the bar. For some reason he's drawn to him and when his party leaves he makes an excuse to go back and offer the guy some training at his gym.
Nicholas has been round long enough to realise that Clint wants something more, even if Clint doesn't know it himself yet...
What builds from their first encounter is a push and pull relationship, Clint is unsure of what he want's but he knows he needs Nicholas.
At first I thought that he was just really cute and innocent but when things hot up, yeah!!! not so innocent.
This book is not only as good as all the authors other work, it's a step above on the steamy scale and I loved it.
4.5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x