Here For Us by A.M. Arthur

4 stars


This is a spin off series to the Perspectives series and all too the wonderful characters pop up in this book. Essentially, it is the story of 3 men and how they eventually find the common connection that brings them together. They are 3 very different characters and the story leading up to how they get together is engaging and well created. 


Jake is a go-go dancer at Big Dicks gay bar. He is 23 and already world weary struggling to keep a roof over his head and a steady income. His mum died and he isn't in contact with his dad and he can be somewhat impulsive. However, he's a good boy and longs for true love and a happy ever after.


Cris is a self employed programmer who side lines as a porn model with Mean Green, He's in his late 20's and fit and gorgeous and extremely popular as 'Dane' however, due to anonymously donating a kidney to his boss's nephew recently, Cris hasn't been filming. One day he walks into Big Dick's and spots Jake dancing and falls instantly in lust. They go home together and sparks fly but the next morning Jake has scarpered.


Chet is the 48 year old owner of Mean Green porn studios. He is a self made wealthy businessman longing for love and trying not to give into his feelings of desire for Cris whom he has loved from afar for 8 long years. 


Cris wants Jake and Cris wants Chet. Chet wants Cris and is rather taken with Jake. Jake wants Cris and thinks he may want Chet too. 


How they eventually mesh is due to Jake having a bit of a break down and both Cris and Chet coming to his rescue. But it's not immediate and they have many physical and emotional obstacles to overcome. 


I was really pulled into this book and found it hard to put down. The 3 main characters are amazing and the dynamic is so sexy. The only slight issue I had was perspective as it was sometimes a little bit jumpy from person to person.