245 Days by Isabelle Peterson

The premise of forbidden love is always a good one, for me it makes the story more exciting and keeps me gripped.

This book certainly didn't fail.

After a brief encounter while trying on jeans, both Ashley and Taylor have been using the memory for more pleasurable pastimes....

When they meet again at a bar, the attraction is magnetic and instantly both of them know they wont be able to keep apart.

When Ashley discovers that Taylor is a virgin, they decide to take things slowly but before their first official date happens, he makes an even more startling discovery. Taylor is still in school and is in his classes.

With both men knowing they should be strictly off limits to each other but neither of them being able to stay apart, they begin a very sweet romance that is supposed to stay sweet for 245 days, until Taylor graduates.

However on a 21st birthday trip for Taylor, things don't stay sweet for long.The feelings they have are too much and they fully celebrate his coming of age.

Not only are their positions in life holding them back, but their family relationships are also very different. Ashley has an accepting, extremely wealthy family and Taylor doesn't.

They couldn't be more homophobic if they tried...

Can they overcome not only legal aspects of their love but also personal ones?

Is the 245 day wait for an open, public relationship to happen going to be too much for both of them or is the love they feel enough?

I absolutely adored this book, the dynamic, the secondary characters, the setting and the storyline were all perfect.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x