Embrace the Fire by Felice Stevens

So this is the third book and I can't decide which brothers story I love the best.
In this one we meet the youngest, Brandon. When Ash left there was just himself and Luke to take the brunt of the beatings...
At least for them that was all it was, poor Ash had suffered abuse of a totally different kind to protect his brothers.
When Luke was beaten so badly it left him in hospital, the family had packed up and left him behind and Brandon was the last musketeer, left all alone and completely lost.
When he had finally had enough, he set off to start a new life, eventually going to New York and training to be a teacher.
It was there that he met someone who would lead him to a future he never imagined, maybe only in his wildest dreams.
Going to the centre to see if he could possibly help young children who were like himself, the forgotten ones, he finds not one but both of his brothers...and also an older man who he thinks could be 'the one'
Tash has spent years trying to get over the love who deserted him then turned up dead, he couldn't forgive himself and had decided he was going to spend his life alone.
When Brandon arrived however, things started to change and feelings he thought he would never have again started to resurface.
Beginning a relationship however was going to be tricky, first he had to convince himself he deserved it, then he had to overcome the protectiveness of the other two musketeers, they had just got their brother back and weren't that willing to let him go.
This book was very emotional, reunions, rediscoveries and learning to deal with past nightmares takes it's toll on all of them.
I love the fact that although this book is about the third brother, we still see a lot of the other men and their families, especially the grandma who treats them all as if they are her boys.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x