Enrapture: Noah's Tryst by Pierce Smith

So we rejoin Noah and Ethan and their ghost in this second book on their journey...

Still not sure if he was dreaming, Noah encounters the ghost again and is left feeling highly charged.

He decides he needs to enlist the help of a paranormal professional to find out if it is really possible to be having sex with a ghost and more importantly, who this ghost is and are he and Ethan safe.

When the ghost starts to cause problems, both men are left feeling lost and aren't sure who, if anyone they can trust. They don't know who they can consider a friend and who they should be wary off.

Ultimately will this tear them apart or can they be rid of all the deception and get back to loving each other the way they want to.

This book had a good story but sometimes descriptions of unnecessary events went to indepth and I felt if these were cut out or shortened it would have kept me focused on the actual story more.

Overall a decent second book.

4 stars.

Sue x