Accepting the Fall by Meg Harding

Accepting The Fall by Meg Harding – 4 stars


This is the first book I have read by established MM author Meg Harding and I really enjoyed it. The story was interesting and the main characters very well described so I really got a handle on them quickly. The writing style was easy to follow; descriptive and flowing which made it a pleasure to read.


The plot revolves around three characters. Savannah is the 5 year old daughter to Zander. She has only recently come into his life thanks to her mother abandoning her to her father and disappearing off to live her own life. Zander quits the military and becomes a fire fighter so that he can be a good parent, and they go and live in Florida where Zander attempts to learn how to be a Dad. Savannah, understandably, has issues and they manifest themselves in her being very naughty during kindergarten and eventually her teacher has to call Zander in for a much needed chat.


Cole loves teaching kindergarten. He also loves his many dogs, cats and assorted rescue animals that he lives with on his sprawling property. He does not however, love his boyfriend Patrick, which he thinks is a shame as Patrick really is a great guy. But Cole needs passion and excitement in his life and he’s not going to find that with Patrick.


Cole and Zander knew each other as teenagers. They were military brats based in Germany and at 16 and 17 became lovers. Cole gave his heart and soul to Zander, but Zander rejected him and left him heartbroken. Over the years Cole has wondered about Zander and when Savannah’s father turns out to be the grown up version of the boy he fell in love with, Cole knew he was in trouble. Zander was equally as stunned to discover Savannah’s teacher was the one person he’d ever wanted to love despite his own father trying to purge him of anything remotely emotional. As the story unfolds, Zander and Cole decide to try and see if what they had as kids was worth re-kindling but their road has many bumps along the way including a sassy 5 year old princess, and Cole’s seemingly unforgiving Mum.


This was an emotional story full of all the feels. One minute I was laughing and the next sniffling. Cole is an adorably quirky character and I found myself really rooting for his HEA. Zander is big and broody and extremely sexy and it was a total thrill to imagine him getting it on with Cole. Ultimately, this is a well written sweet and sexy read, and I will definitely be looking to buy more books by Meg Harding.