Conning Colin by Brad Vance and Elsa Winters

I really liked this book.
The story was a good one and the characters were both very likeable. The way it developed and their stories were interesting.
Colin is a voiceover actor, mainly because he is nervous as hell in every audition he goes to. He is newly divorced and finally wants to embrace the fact that he is gay.
There is one man he desires but meeting him comes at a price.
Two thousand dollars to be exact. Harrison is an escort and Colin has been in lust at first sight for a long time.
When a job pays off he is able to hire Harrison and quickly falls for him.
Harrison however has a secret. He is really Henry, aspiring writer, loving brother and only doing the job to pay for his sister's education.
Both men are using aliases to get throught their daily lives but just who is falling in love with who?
It was a nicely paced read and the story flowed well.
4 out of 5 stars. 
Sue x