Rescued by Dakota Storm

3 stars

Dean and his brother Randy manage their ranch which was left to them by their grandparents. Dean decides to go and look at a property so they can branch out in a different part of the state but his Grandpa's old truck breaks down leaving him stranded. When a blizzard starts, Dean makes tracks to find somewhere to wait out the storm but he tires quickly. Luckily for him, Colt and his nephew Coop spot him by the roadside and rescue him.

Colt tracks and rescues for a living and tells Dean there is no way he can go anywhere in such terrible weather so he takes him home until the snow eases.

Without giving too much of the story away, inevitably the growing attraction between Dean and Colt is the essence of the book and all the other activity that goes on is just foreplay to when they finally get together.

It's quite an exciting story but for me personally the poor editing spoiled it a bit. Also the writing style isn't particularly sophisticated and I found the overall effect to be slightly tedious. I did however enjoy the story and thought the characters were well constructed.

Another 'round the pool' choice for a light, easy holiday read.