Different Dynamics by Tamir Drake

3.5 stars

Richard is captain of his ice hockey team. He is also an omega and had to fight for his right to play in the big leagues. His career is going well but he harbours a secret that could end it all. He has regular 'heats' which threaten to render him useless for at least a week a few times a year. Richard takes huge amounts of meds to try and control his urges but this time when the slick hits, Richard finds himself in a situation that turns him wild. Calling on his best friend James who is an alpha to help him, Richard realises just how much support he really needs and when  their friend Dmitry becomes involved things get off the scale hot and sexy!

I read this book unaware of the characters' true natures and I was impressed with the author's imagination. However, I found some of the detail a little too much and would have preferred a vaguer approach as for me it diminished the impact of the intimate scenes.

For a debut novel this was well constructed and the dynamic of the characters came across clearly. Overall I enjoyed it and suspect this new author will get better and better with each new book.