Kade and Cameron by A.D. Ellis

Love this series and I think I liked this book the best.
It made me feel lots of different emotions. Loss, anger, betrayal, fear and lots and lots of love.
When Cam loses the love of his life, he leaves with a wish that Cam finds a new love, not a replacement but a different love...
When his best friend Kade steps in to help at the funeral, the two men bond even further and with Kade's marriage on the rocks they quickly form an arrangement that leaves both of them feeling a little bit more secure.
When Kade and his two sons move in with Cam and his boys, they never guessed what direction their life would take.
Dealing with loss together and Kade's revelation that he is bisexual leads to a lot of flirting and even more touching before they decide to give being together a go.
With a lunatic ex wife on the loose, the settled feeling they now have doesn't last long....
This was a beautiful story and I loved the dynamic between the men, their kids and both sets of grandparents.
One big, happy family story that made me want to be part of it.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x