Summer Heat by Jay Northcote

Summer Heat is both the title and the subject of this short book from Jay Northcote. Adam and Finn are best friends. Finn has secretly harboured a crush on Adam ever since they met but nothing happened between them. Adam fell into a serious relationship with a stuffy older man who Finn was really not too keen on while Finn had a series of hook ups but nothing long term. One day Adam arrives on Finn's doorstep in a terrible state having been dumped by his lover Drew, for a younger man. Finn is there to pick up the pieces and console his friend and even agrees to go on holiday with him so that they can have fun and flirt and have random sex with hot guys. They want to drink and sunbathe and dance the nights away. 
Adam is startled to discover that he is beginning to find Finn extremely attractive and when the opportunity presents itself for a fun, no strings attached threesome, the friends go for it. For Finn it's a dream come true and for Adam it's an eye opener in more ways than one. Over the course of the next few days, set against the backdrop of a Spanish, gay friendly, beach resort, Adam and Drew discover the meaning of 'friends with benefits'. 
This book is sizzling hot. It helped that I was on my own holiday, lying in the sun surrounded by lots of half naked beautiful people. I really felt part of the story and kept hoping to spot Adam and Finn around the pool! Luckily, after the scorchingly sexy parts I could jump into the water to cool off! 
This story is full of all the feels; lots of sex, just a touch of angst, and some great supporting characters. The plot line was solid if a little predictable and it sometimes felt a bit overly wordy, but on the whole I'd definitely recommend this book. A great short read perfect to take on your holiday.
4 stars