A Ballad of Confetti, Cakes and Catastrophes by Helen Juliet

Ok so this book was very lighthearted and quite cute.
Aside from the usual mishaps that happen when preparing for a wedding of course!!
And if it could go wrong, it did...
We have a totally forgetful brother, upset tummys, a completely feral cat and a domineering cousin who doesn't seem to realise it isn't her getting married.
Add in a gorgeous musician who steps in to save the day and you can't go wrong.
This book was really about Nicholas, shy, not very confident and in the closet. When he forgets to book a harpist for his sister's wedding, he does the next best thing obviously, picks up a man singing on the streets. It just so happens that this man quickly becomes more than just a singer, the two men fall for each other.
Their story is very sweet and innocent and I loved it.
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x