On Point by Annabeth Albert

Book three in this fabulous series and it just keeps getting better.
For years Ben and Maddox have been best friends. Serving together, living together and loving each other. Not that either man would admit to it for fear of ruining the friendship.
When they both get injured while on a mission, Ben refuses to leave Maddox behind and saves his life.
To be honest, things had got slightly awkward before the mission when highly sexed Ben had tried to get his friend to participate in a threesome. He hoped that when they recovered, they could get things back on track.
What happens next is what they both had been longing for, they try to take the friendship to the next level.
Hesitant to start with but quickly heating up, they explore their feelings and realise they don't want to be just friends anymore.
What will happen when they are both recovered enough for work though? The policy at work is for no relationships between the men so how will they get round it....
Maddox has the perfect solution but will Ben agree?
I loved it and can't wait for book four.
4.5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x