Nate's Last Tango by Kevin Klehr

Sometimes losing the one you love stays with you forever....
Nate has been living quite happily with Cam and their relationship seems to be going fine until he has to meet Cam's parents.
Roger getting him drunk seemed to make it easier and from recollection the evening had gone okay.
So when Nate goes back to Australia on a trip, it comes as a complete shock when Cm texts him to say they should have a break to evaluate things....
Roger, the cross dressing butler is having none of it and ships himself, Cam and his lesbian aunt off to sort out the problem. When Cam finds out that his drunken ramblings were the issue and that letting go off Elliot hadn't been as easy as he thought, he tries to win Cam round.
Neither man really gets what is going on and the push and pull between them results in some very fraught moments.
A nice follow up to book one.
3.5 out of 5 stars.
 Sue x