An Unexpected Truth by S.A. Meade

3.5 stars

Brendan is a race horse trainer and when the sexy Adam Ahmadi employs him to look after his newly purchased horses, Brendan fears the lines between trainer and owner are in danger of becoming blurred.

Adam used to be a surgeon until an accident put an end to his career. Bored with retirement he decides that racing horses would be a good hobby. Meeting Brendan was an added bonus and over time the two develop a relationship.

Events conspire however and things become rocky between the pair due to Adam's background coming back to haunt him. Things are not at all what they seem and the story progresses into an exciting thriller.

I enjoyed the book but felt there was an element missing. The characters and plot were very exciting but I felt the book fell a bit flat in places with some things being left unfinished or unexplained. Having said that, I was eager to see how the story ended and was quite taken with the plot line. Perhaps the author tried to tackle too many different angles in one story...

I would recommend this as a light holiday read.