Spring Break by Elle Keaton

5 easy peesy stars!

Third book in the accidental roots series is about federal agent Weir who is familiar from the first two books. He is in Skagit, WA finishing off a human trafficking case when he boss makes him stay to look into a case of rare bird poaching. Along the way Weir hooks up occasionally with sexy bartender Sterling Bailet which suits both of them as neither are looking for a relationship. Apparently.

Weir however gets himself into a spot of bother when he becomes the victim of a hit and run and Sterlings little sister is the one who finds him unconscious by the side of the road. With no one to help him in his recovery Sterling offers to help out and events conspire to keep throwing Weir and Bailey together.

This book unfolds into a really thrilling story which sees all the previous Accidental Roots characters getting involved. Micah and Adam's house is the backdrop once again as are familiar landmarks in Skagit.

I loved this story. While the scene was familiar these characters were completely different to the previous ones and I was sucked into their story from the first page to the last. A gripping, engaging and sexy read.