Cultivating Love by Addison Allbright

When you have to work for every penny, having it all handed to you on a plate can be very hard to accept.
For Joe, he has worked hard on farms his whole life and his dream is to own one, so when Ed inherits his father's farm you think it would be the answer to his dreams...
Ed had been told his father died shortly after he was born so to find out he had been alive all these years came as a massive shock. When they get to the farm and find out his father had been trying to contact him for years, it's a painful discovery.
What he finds out about his father makes it even harder to take.
Trying to settle in to a small town is hard, most of the locals are nice but there is one man who seems to want to cause them trouble and things start to get dangerous. Will they both be able to cope with it all? Are they strong enough to face it as a couple?
A really nice read.
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x