Shaded Chains by Jack L Pyke

Shaded Chains by Jack L Pyke – 5 easy stars



I just crave anything new from this amazing author, Jack L Pyke, and this novella did not disappoint. I was expecting an intense and emotional experience and that’s exactly what I got. She has taken a fairly ordinary scenario and turned it into something dark and erotic when least expected.


Ross’s father suffers with dementia and lives in a care home where Alex is a nurse. Ross and Alex are lovers but have to keep their relationship secret from Alex’s colleagues and employers as it goes against their ethical code of fraternisation between staff and relatives of residents. However, their love for each other is too strong and predictably it places a strain on their relationship. This short book is a study of their love and the ways in which they communicate with one another.


Ross is Alex’s boyfriend, lover and his Dom. Their extreme kink plays a big part in their lives and the author cleverly weaves it into the story in how they express their emotions and commitment to one another. When their partnership becomes at risk, the ropes, whips and other forms of bondage play an important part at levelling them and making them focus on what is really important. This is the part of the story that had me holding my breath while Ross and Alex worked out their differences. I felt as if they were inside my head and my heart and I was transfixed by every word.


Jack L Pyke is wonderfully deviant and she has thoroughly corrupted me! I love the way her characters are ‘normal’ to the rest of the world yet harbour deep and disturbing sexual fantasies. The way she describes everything really brings the story to life and I felt like I was watching rather than reading the events play out. (If you know anything about her stories this can be quite shocking!) A fantastically written honest story of two men struggling through hard times yet also finding beautiful moments to balance it all out.